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How To: Easy Way to Remove the OneNote “Sent To” App

I write all my blogs on OneNote. I use OneNote on my desktops, Surface RT, XPS laptop and Windows Phones. You might say that I am a OneNote fanboy; you might be right. One thing that I hear as a complaint is how do I get rid of this stupid "Sent To" App that gets installed with OneNote. While I find it useful on some systems, I kill it on others. I am going to explain how to do this on OneNote 2010 or OneNote 2013. As with most Office installations, each version has its own subtle differences. Here's the quick way to get it done on either version.

Steps to perform
Guide in OneNote 2010 Guide in OneNote 2013
1. Open up OneNote
2. Click on the File tab
3. Select Options menu item in the File menu
4. When the Options pop-up appears, select Display from the left menu.
5. Uncheck the "Place OneNote icon in the notification area of the taskbar"
6. Click the OK button to save.
7. Say goodbye to the Icon and App!