Bringing Myself and a Follower Joy

How many of you have seen the Marie Kondo series on Netflix or read her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tyding Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing? (Amazon - Amazon via My Affiliate - Audible) There is a wave of people that are talking about "Spark Joy". There's even an article in Time Online about how "Thrift Stores Can't Keep Up With All the Junk and They're Saying the Signs Lead to Marie Kondo"

How does this matter to you Jared? Well, if you have not seen it on some of social media, I am selling my Condo and moving into an apartment. I might talk about my future plans but for now, let's just suffice that I want out of my current arrangements. My current plan is to move into an apartment by the first week of March, before the North American Collaboration Summit in Branson. This does not give me a lot of time once I reviewed my project plan.

Thanks to the help of a family friend, I have started going through my place and packing it up. At the same time, I am sorting through the items and getting rid of items that no longer "spark joy"... clothing that doesn't fit, electronics I no longer need, furniture that I do not want to have anymore ... The list goes on. I have looked at many items that I have not touched in years and no longer desire to keep those items with me.

Now, you might ask yourself, why are you talking about it and how can it bring me joy? Well, as I have gone through my "stuff", one thing I have found is bags and backpacks; loads of them. Many of the backpacks are from conferences or events. My hope is to bring you joy if you are 'missing' bags from your collection and clear out items so I don't have to move them.

So, here's the deal... I am using this blog post to show the items I have available. You need to fill out the form below to request one of the items. If it is still available, I will contact you via the address you put into the form and work on shipping you the item. In return for me shipping this to you for free (no cost for the bag nor shipping), I would love if you donated to one of the local shelters in your area. All of the bags that do not get sent out by February 15th, 2019, my plan is to donate them to local Seattle-area shelters with school supplies already inside.

So, let's get some joy for children in tough situations and help each other out. Here are the bags available:

Name *
Choose the bag you would like me to send to you. Do note that submitting this form does not guarantee that the bag is available nor that you will be chosen as the recipient.