Office 365 Connect 2018

I want to send a large thank you to NC Communications and Nigel Clapham and Spencer Harbar in specific for inviting me to speak at the Office 365 and SharePoint Connect 2018 conference in Haarlem, Netherlands. This is the second time I have spoken at the Philharmonie in Haarlem and enjoyed it just like the last time.

Arriving later on Tuesday, I got to see some fellow speakers in the evening at a local user group meeting. With this conference in town, the local user group gets to have some incredible speakers for their meeting this month. I sat in on some of the discussions and the start of a panel discussion. Unfortunately, my stomach growled so loud it interrupted, or so I felt it was. Dinner was at a place I enjoyed a lot last summer, Thrill Grill, and was as good as I remembered it.

Wednesday started with some errands for my trip in the Netherlands so I missed the Keynote. I did get to the Philmarmonie in time to catch Eric Shupps session on Introduction to Azure Web Applications for Office and SharePoint Developers. The developer in me thanks Eric for some understandings of how to setup Web Apps to work with Azure AD. I had some good conversations with presenters and attendees around many.

In the afternoon, my first session of the conference was an oldie but goodie, Migrating SharePoint from On-Prem to Office 365 - Lessons Learned by Microsoft IT. One of the things I find is that many conferences like this session because so many businesses are still looking at a move from on-prem to the cloud. This is still popular and Office 365 Connect 2018 wanted me to present it. I got some really good interaction and had a great time presenting it. I want to thank all of the folks who attended and made the session a good one.

On Thursday, my second session of the conference was a "Lightning Session". I presented my SharePoint on Azure - Tips and Tricks session. Normally, this is a 60 minute session but I had to cut it down to 20 minutes. I felt bad for the presenter after me as I didn't make the 20 minutes but ended at 25. Another good session with great attendees wrapped up my Office 365 Connect for 2018.

Again, I can't thank the NC Communications team and Nigel Clapham for the opportunity to come speak at their conference and hope to return for more in the future.