Office 365 Connect

I have been lucky in my speaking career to be invited to a few wonderful events. To that end, when NC Communications asked me to submit session proposals to their Office 365 Connect event in Haarlem, Netherlands, I was beyond thrilled that they selected two of my sessions for this year's Office 365 Connect.

Migrating SharePoint from On-Prem to Office 365 – Lessons Learned by Microsoft IT covers how Microsoft moved many of its internal SharePoint sites from our on-prem farms onto Office 365. In the beginning, we will cover migration options and how they impact sites and users. Along the way, you can learn the possible migration paths and the capabilities of the Office 365 compared to your current environment. We will focus to the technical how-to of performing migrations to Office 365. Lastly, I will highlight the "gotchas" and guide you through some of the best practices used by Microsoft IT. While I present this session at many different venues, there will be some additional tips and tricks specific for this event. Make sure to come attend on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 14:00 in Room B.

Running SharePoint on Azure - Tips and Tricks is a quick session on the best ways to run SharePoint on Azure services. We will look at IaaS from a viewpoint of Compute, Networking and Storage to make the best of Azure hosting. We will also look at other services in Azure that you can utilized for hosting SharePoint on the Public Cloud. Please join me on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 13:30 in Room E.

On top of my two sessions, I plan to be around the conference center for much of my time over the days. If you would like to setup a quick chat, feel free to contact me about getting together.

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