LinkedIn SREInCon 2018

While attending Microsoft's first SRECon earlier this year, I found out that our LinkedIn SRE sisters and brothers not only have their own but it has been put on several years now. I worked with my boss to get an invitation but wanted to bring something to their conference, so I applied to speak.

First, I want to thank the LinkedIn SREInCon 2018 Committee for letting me not only attend but speak at this year's event. It was a tremendous honor to learn a lot about how LinkedIn runs their services and site, how their SRE's work to improve the site reliability and the integrated roles that the SRE's have with the engineering teams they work with.

Additionaly, I want to thank all of the attendees that came to my session. I had a great time with the topic and it felt well received. The Q&A at the end was amazing as well. As this was an internal conference, I cannot provide any details about my session nor any of the resources.