UPDATED!! - SharePoint Saturday Denver

SharePoint Saturday is back in Denver again and I can't wait to come and speak. There has been a few years since the last event in Denver but we are back and there is a great lineup of speakers for this event.

Now, many of you might know I speak a lot about SharePoint, Office 365, services like PowerApps and Flow, and the Cloud, but this time I thought a new topic would be best for the restart of the Denver events.

I am bringing Rick Claus, lead of the Cloud Advocacy team at Microsoft focusing on Operations, to co-present with me in Denver. What could we be talking about? We are going to be presenting on the Journey to the Cloud. Not only are we presenting information, but we are going to spend over half the time taking Q&A from attendees about what the Cloud means for them and their careers.

At the end of this session, we want to have answered all of your questions and pointed the attendees to resources to help them further their education about the Cloud and their role in using, administering, and getting the most of Cloud Services.

Due to unfortunate cancelations by a couple of speakers, I am also going to present Migrating SharePoint to the Cloud: Lessons Learned by Microsoft IT. This session will help anyone looking to start a migration to the cloud or improve a current migration to the cloud. On top of talking about best practices, I will go over the dos and don'ts that I learned being part of the Microsoft IT team performing these migrations for Microsoft IT.


Microsoft Office
7595 E. Technology Way, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80237