Can't make it to Ignite? Have I got some good news for you!

Did you know that over 25,000 IT Professionals, Developers and Business Managers from around the world will be in Orlando, FL starting September 24, 2018 for one of the largest Microsoft Conferences this year? Are you coming to Ignite to learn and network with all of these folks? If so, don't forget to sign up for my session on my personal journey to SRE on Thursday at 10:45 am.

But wait ... you say you are not attending this year? Are you sure you are not attending because I have great news! All of the sessions are being live-streamed. Even if you can't make the trip to Orlando, you can still get the great information from the event. Plus, when the event is over, all attendees (both virtual and in-person) can view all of the content online.

Now I know many of you are saying "But Jared, how can I get to all of this lovely content?" Head on over to the Microsoft Tech Community and create an account. Not only will you get information from Microsoft and the Microsoft Product Teams, but you will get incredible content from our community contributors like our MVPs or even other users, like yourself. Once you sign up for your free account on Microsoft Tech Community, you can browse the sessions for Ignite 2018 and watch the content live during the week and on replay after Ignite is complete.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up for your free account and get ready for all sorts of good learning!

Also, don't forget to sign up for my session on Thursday morning about the transition of IT Operations to SRE.