What's my Current Status?

I am very lucky to know many great people in the IT world. These people are experts in their fields, outspoken about what they know, and love to pass along this knowledge. One of these people is Phoummala Schmitt, aka Exchange Goddess. She is a contributor to the Petri.com website and someone fun to follow on twitter. She started a podcast with two other great IT Experts, Theresa Miller and Melissa Palmer, called Current Status. I have had a few friends appear with them.

Now, let's look back a few months and I get a DM from Phoummala. "Hey, we want you to appear on Current Status to talk about SharePoint." All I could think was, "Is she serious? Is she setting me up for some joke about wanting to talk about SharePoint or are they going to just make fun of me and SharePoint." Knowing Phoummala as I do, I knew that this was not going to be the case, or at least 100% of the case. We setup a time and away we go.

Guess what fans? That show is tonight. You can head over to YouTube and watch it live at 10:00 pm Eastern/7:00 pm Pacific. I will be joining from my hotel room in Dallas (crossing my fingers about bandwidth) to chat with Phoummala, Theresa, and Melissa on SharePoint, Office 365, unicorns, and probably some Azure. Won't you join in and watch?