New Year Means New Changes

Everybody does it. The New Year drives changes they want to make. New Year's Resolutions. Gyms get a large push of visitors. Home stores have higher sales. The New Year causes people to want to effect change in their lives. Some industries have sprung up around these changes. Many of you might be wondering where I am going with this. Well, I am about to go through my own New Year change.

As of January 24th, I will no longer be the Director of IT Services for Radia Inc., PS. I have spent almost 4 years with Radia since leaving Microsoft in January of 2010. Over those 4 years, I have worked with good people who have a single driven goal to patient care. I was able to bring some new ideas to the IT Operations and help Radia get into a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement to help manage our software needs. Many folks have told me how I have changed how IT engaged with them to get their needs met. The best thing I was told was how I had a great laugh. At the same time, I was able to grow, learn, and mature. While I have enjoyed the people and where we were going as a team and company, I was approached with a great offer.

Starting on January 27th, I will be returning back to Microsoft. Not only will I be returning to Microsoft, I will be returning as a "Blue Badge", or full-time employee. Instead of going back in as a manager, I will be returning back as a Senior Service Engineer. My return will be back into Microsoft IT but I am coming back to the SharePoint team. While I am joining a new team, my manager and director are people I know and have worked with/for before. I hope to go more into my return to Microsoft on this blog as well as what I can about my projects. Some of you may wonder if I am going to be attending conferences like MS TechEd. I have been fortunate enough to have permission to attend conferences. So, expect to see me out and about this year.

Wrapping this us, I want thank my manager and the folks at Radia for the trust and collaboration I had with them while I was there. I also thank my new manager and director for the new opportunity ahead of me. I also thank all my friends that have believed in me and pushed me forward.

Onward and upward.