A Quick Thought on Father’s Day

Father's Day … so many people think this is every day of the year, especially mothers in the world. This is a generated day by most of the gifts, sundries and greeting card people. While that might be, I still love these holidays!

Mother's Day and Father's Day were a pair of my favorite holidays. I did enjoy doing things for my mom and dad, getting them gifts and cards, taking them out to meals and, later in life, taking the time to spend with them on these and other days. It feels like we don't take the time with our parents and sometimes even try to avoid our parents.

When I was younger, I wanted a computer. Everyone seemed to have this toy that allowed them to play games, write their papers, and perform interesting functions. I did a lot of research and pulled information from my friends. In the end, I determined that I wanted to get a Commodore 64 as many of my friends have one. I PTSOPed the information and presented it to my father (PTSOP = Put That Stuff On Paper, one of his favorite sayings.). He read it all and we ended up going to Safeway … yes, Safeway … and purchased the system. My mother didn't even know that he was doing this. Little did both of them know where it could take me.

Now, I sit almost 30 years later writing this blog entry into OneNote 2010 on my ASUS EP121 tablet running Windows 8 RP. I am listening to a podcast on my Windows Phone and getting ready to head home and install Windows Server 2012 RC on my test lab to install SCCM2012 as well. I have worked as a Operations Manager at Microsoft and currently am Director of IT for a medical company. That initial purchase of a Commodore 64 has lead to my love of technology and given me a career. I encourage all parents, not just fathers, to support your children in their dreams. Support those dreams and encourage their growth and learning, even if it is not an area you understand.

I want to wrap up this post as an homage to my father. He passed on from this world in April of 2010 and I miss him each and every day. He supported me in a lot of things and in a lot of ways. He not only was there when I needed him, he was my mentor in a lot of ways. I continue to model myself in a lot of ways from his advice, both in my personal and professional lives. I have been told by family and friends that I am my father's son and I can't think of a better thing to be called. Thanks Dad and I miss you.